Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mississippi Kite

Today, I watched Momma Kite doing some hunting. I don't know if she was hunting for her chick, or for herself. In this first image, she has zeroed in on a bug - also seen in this image. Her talons are at the ready, and she is diving after it. There is little hope for the bug at this point.

(A Mississippi Kite dives after a bug.)
In this next image, you can see that she indeed has captured the bug. Look closely in the clutches of her right foot.

(This Mississippi Kite has captured herself a snack.)
If this one is for herself, she will most likely eat it on the fly. Mississippi Kites seldom land to eat. They will quite often stay airborne, eat, and hunt some more. No need to waste energy landing and returning to the air. It is a simple matter for this 12-15" raptor to stay aloft, soaring lazily on its 3' wingspan.

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