Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mississippi Kite

Since I first saw their chick's fuzzy head over the edge of the nest the last week in June, this little guy has grown like a weed! In the last week, he's gained his juvenile colors, and is nearly ready to fly. He's no longer eating what his momma has "chewed up". Most of the time, momma drops a bug off, and the little one chows down on it. This is repeated many times throughout the day. In this video, momma "brings home the bacon" (a nice big, juicy bug) and shares it with her little stinker. (It views well in Full Screen at 720p.)

After she leaves to get another course, he cleans the pieces up that were left behind in the nest. He's going to need all his strength pretty soon, when he first leaves the nest.

(Mississippi Kite Feeding Nestling)
You can see all of the images I've posted of his progress in my PBase Gallery, titled "Watching A Chick Grow".

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