Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mississippi Kite

Well, the little ones are out and about these days - testing their wings and learning the world. Unfortunately, they didn't nest where I could keep an eye on their progress as they grew. Today I watched as a juvenile was served some tasty bugs multiple times. In childlike fashion, he would cry for his momma with the customary "PIT-teeewwww". Momma would show up with a morsel for him to consume. This scenario repeats itself fairly often.

(Momma brings the "bacon".)
I hadn't noticed before, but the juveniles (at least this one) has brown eyes, while the adults have red.

As if to express gratitude for its meal, another call to its Momma before digging in:

("Thank you, Momma!")
Dine hearty, young fella!


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