Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cooper's Hawk

A few days ago, we had a snow day off from work. I took the opportunity to watch our backyard feeders for any photo-op, after filling them - mostly because of the blanket of snow making it more difficult for birds to find their own food. Sparrows, Starlings, and White-Winged Doves visited throughout the day. They would all gather to eat, then all fly off into a nearby bush, then back to the feeders again. At one point, they all made a panicked exit and just disappeared. A few seconds later, this beautiful raptor showed up and lit on the fence near one of the feeders.

Cooper's Hawk
The Cooper's will watch from a nearby location in the vicinity of bird feeders. On the menu for them are smaller birds such as sparrows. This one didn't get a meal this time, but he was nice enough to pose for me for a few minutes.

Cooper's Hawk
 He also made a fly-by as he departed for other opportunities, allowing me to get a clear view of his underside.

Cooper's Hawk
The Cooper's can be found here in the panhandle all year 'round.

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  1. Dale -
    I believe that I saw a photo of a nighthawk in a face forward pose - it was gorgeous. Looking at the last photo on this list of the Cooper's reminds me of that photographic style so I assume that you r the same photog. ANYWAY, I would be interested in possibly buying a print or 2. Do you have a website where I can see more of your work to look through? I was always quite talented at photography myself, but that was during the good old days of plain old CAMERAS & film! My email address is (yes, I'm a writer, should you ever be in need). Please let me know where I can find more of your stunning bird pics!