Monday, June 24, 2013

Mississippi Kites

In the last day or two, we've gained two Mississippi Kite chicks. I suspected as much when there was more "buzzing" activity from the adults in recent days. They've buzzed my wife and I, and they've buzzed the neighbors. Their nest is right between our houses.

Interestingly, when the nest was built, it wasn't done by Kites. Euro-Collared Doves built it. I don't know what happened, but one day I saw a Kite in it - and then it began. She laid her eggs and never left the nest from what I saw. I expect she might have briefly now and then, but I never saw her leave. Daddy brought her food regularly.

(Ms. Kite in her nest, incubating her eggs.)

Today is the first day I saw any fuzzy little heads poking up. I also saw Mommy bring them something to eat (obviously feeding two), and while I didn't see the second chick I did see its fuzz through the nest materials. You can see it in this pic. Look to the left of the obvious one, and a little bit down.

(Two Mississippi Kite Chicks)
I will try to watch this family closely, because I know they will grow very fast!

Update, 6/26/2013: 
I didn't know they did, but Ms. Kite appears to be panting in this video I shot this afternoon. We're in the middle of some 100+ degree days, and I'm hoping they can weather them ok. (We have a bird bath close by, that I hope she will make use of.) The chicks only hatched a few days ago. Towards the end of this video clip, you can see one of them moving below her wing on the right side.

I may have been mistaken. There may only be one chick. I thought by the way Momma was acting that there was a second one. However, I've only seen one head at a time. Time will tell.

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