Monday, March 26, 2012

Western Bluebird

While at the Buffalo Lake NWR, I spotted another first for me: a Western Bluebird. It is one of the most attractive thrushes in North America. Vivid colors catch the eye easily in the sunlight. The Eastern Bluebird is similar in color, but are paler than the Western Bluebird.

This Bluebird usually spend nesting season in open woodlands and savannas, then in winter turns to deserts, farm fields and riparian woodlands. They swoop down from a perch to catch flying insects, and forage on the ground for invertebrates. In winter they rely on ground foraging heavily. Mistletoe berries are also on their menu in winter.

(Western Bluebird)


  1. Caught some of these fellows today.

  2. Cool deal! I haven't seen one since this one. Getting out more these days, so maybe that will change. :)