Monday, January 18, 2010

Great Horned Owl

I haven't done a lot of checking on this owl, but I thought I'd post it here anyway, without much commentary.

Shelley and I were at Buffalo Lake NWR near Umbarger, Texas, looking for photo-ops. As we rounded the far end of the road that circumnavigates the lake, I noticed that one of the trees didn't look right. There was a big "bump" that didn't "belong" on one of the branches. We stopped and watched, and sure enough we saw some movement in the tree. A closer examination with binoculars and zoom lenses revealed another first for me. A Great Horned Owl was perched on a branch with his back towards us. He was remarkably well camouflaged with the trunk and branches, due to the pattern on his back/wings and the color. While shooting some photos, I started to work my way around the tree he was in to get a better angle. No chance of that! (We couldn't see his face well from where we were.) He watched me changing position, got nervous and flew off before I had a chance. When we got home and checked out the images on the computer, we saw that he was unabashedly watching us the whole time.

Here, he is looking over his left shoulder facing left.

He's watching us over his right shoulder in this one.
Note the excellent natural camouflage.


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  1. We just moved to the Panhandle and are very excited to keep up our birding skills. Thanks for the posts!