Monday, April 13, 2009


The Killdeer is the actor of the bird world. If you come too close to its nest, it will act as if it is hurt in an effort to lure you away. It almost always works with predators. They are famous for acting like it has a broken wing, but this one used a broken leg act - its left leg. The Killdeer is found virtually everywhere in the United States, including the panhandle. It will at times leave this area in the winter, but is generally here year-round. This handsome bird forages for insects with a run-and-stop technique.



  1. So comical. I enjoyed watching it. Nice captures.

  2. I was lucky enough to have these birds in my yard outside Nashville. They built their nests out of rocks. Both male & female care for the young. They are so vocal it was easy to spot a nest in the making. Then it was easier to 'NOT' ride the mower near them. Yesterday, coming out of a store in a strip mall setting, a Killdear flew right over our heads and I knew what he was by his call. Good shots!

  3. In Olathe, Kansas a Killdeer has made a nest in the gravel driveway of my husbands race shop. He marked where the nest is so he wouldn't drive over it. Mom sits on the eggs and makes lots of noise as you approach and Dad lures you away with his acting abilities. Very cute and fun to watch.

  4. That is cool! I've never seen their eggs before, let alone their nests. Yes they are fun to watch.

    Thank you for looking in on my blog.

  5. Love the Killdeer.They're sweet and They're common and thrive even up here in Ontario.
    I recently discovered that there is at least one (possibly more) living in the parking lot at a large mall in my neighborhood.
    Whenever I see him I get so worried! Its nice to know they can and do take care of themselves in these urban environments.
    I just hope that if there happen to be babies in the future they are OK....

  6. Check out a baby bird (i think a killdeer) we found sweet...:( We let it go...